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Energy Gel Packs- 1.5 OZ Enduro Bee™

Energy Gel Packs- 1.5 OZ Enduro Bee™

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Made from the simple ingredient, raw honey, our athlete-inspired, nature-created Enduro Bee™ athletic fuel is perfect for the athlete that wants a natural solution to endurance-based sports fatigue and all while being gluten-free. We use only raw honey from MN & WI from hives that have been foraging on wildflowers and are known for their floral and fruity flavor. 

We may be partial, but our energy gel honey tastes much better than a lot of the other "energy gels" that contain all sorts of different chemicals and is often made from artificial sweeteners like High-fructose corn syrup and others. 


Many athletes opt for sports gels to satisfy their carbohydrate needs prior to and during exercise. However, honey is just as effective. When compared to placebos, sports gels and honey helped athletes generally perform faster in time trials. In addition, athletes consuming sports gels or honey are able to generate more power in the last stretch of exertion, according to a double-blind randomized controlled trial in the March 2004 issue of "Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research."


Taking honey prior to vigorous activity, such as cycling, can benefit performance, and it may be more economical than sports gels. Cyclists who consume 15 g of honey prior to a race, and every 10 miles, perform better in time trials than cyclists who consume regular sports gels. In addition, both of these groups have increased power and higher resting heart rates than cyclists taking placebos, according to a study in the February 2002 issue of "Strength and Conditioning Journal."

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