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Sustainable Beekeeping within Our Apiaries

We manage several apiary locations throughout the St. Croix valley on family farms as well as partner with other beekeepers along the Mississippi river valley along Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Sustainability isn't just a tag line, but what guides us on our business decisions within our beekeeping and local raw honey. We have adopted a Quadruple bottom line (QBL) which provides means to measure, value and assess the addition of culture, spirituality, and faith in reporting. This can be expressed as people, planet, profit and PURPOSE. It adds navigation of important goals without compromising core values.

Sustainable beekeeping

Quadruple Bottom Line

People - Beekeepers among others

We ask, Is the solution a useful, scalable option to share with others? Does it help regional carbon reduction efforts? Does it create jobs? Does it increase or decrease quality of life through visual, infrastructure, transit or community resource development?
It actually starts with the bees for us, and with healthy bees, we can provide local well paying jobs and supply the local populations with real raw honey that has many health benefits. The majority of honey in the grocery stores is imported and hardly provides any local jobs and up to 70% of the honey is adulterated to keep costs low. In some cases it's not even honey. Our honey is as pure as nature can make it and its made right in the midwest where it provides many local jobs. 
On top of jobs, the bees help pollinate local crops and native plants to help increase local vegetation as well as increasing fruit, vegetable, and other local food sources. 

Planet- It Starts Local

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”- Albert Einstein 
The bees are a critical function to our food and account for 1 in 3 bites on your plate. Our process, allows us to keep hygienic bees with our custom hives, which do not need the chemical treatments most beekeepers rely on to keep their colonies alive. 
On top of our healthy bees we contribute a portion of our profits to local solar projects, and with locally produced food your honey doesn't need to travel far or across oceans, helping keep the carbon footprint of each jar far lower than those "organic" honeys in the store. Our goal is to provide a carbon neutral or carbon negative operation by 2025.
Another part that plays a role in Colony Collapse Disorder is low quality forage for the bees due to monocultures and loss of habitat. Our other goal is to help educate the local community and help increase pollination habitat locally and regionally.  

Profits- Keeping Profits in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Otherwise, prosperity. Without positive cash flow, any business will not last long or will rely on financial support, which can affect decisions towards economically driven decisions instead of holistic QBL's. We make sure we are providing a value based product and not just a low cost one, ensuring we can continue a QBL and improving all aspects of our communities. 

Purpose- Bettering our Local Community

Our purpose is to provide a better environment than the one we where given while addressing climate change at a level we can control, such as a net negative carbon footprint from our operation. While also increasing our local economical environment by providing good paying jobs that help bring capital into our local economy and keeping profits right in the USA. 
We also want to do our part in raising stronger bee colonies than the ones we started with helping evolve the honey bee and its ability to defend itself against disease and pests that are contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder. 

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