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Raw Honey Recipes- Cooking with Honey

Cooking with Raw Honey & Honey Recipes

Using raw honey on your recipes can add a delicate twist to your dish and give it that added finesse your meals may be missing. 

cooking with raw honey

Whether you have raw honey or regular honey you can use honey to sweeten just about any dish you would use another sweetener for like, sugar, corn syrup, or similar. 

As a general rule of thumb when substituting honey in a recipe, because honey is actually sweeter than sugar, is to use a ratio of 0.75 units to 1 unit of sugar. Or, 3/4 Cup of honey to 1 Cup sugar and so on. 


Baking with Honey

Using honey in any baking recipe is normally a better choice and can add some floral flavors, depending on what kind of raw honey you use in your recipe. Honey will also help keep your baked goods a little more moist over choosing sugar. 

You will need to experiment in swapping sweeteners in your recipe but the 3/4 Cup honey to 1 Cup sugar is a good baseline when using honey or raw honey in your baked goods.


Cooking with Honey

Cooking with honey may be the latest buzz (sorry we won't do that again), and may also need some experimenting unless you are following one of our honey recipes. 


Cooking Tip: When measuring honey, it can stick to everything. So use a little cooking spray on your measure spoon or cup to help create a barrier so the honey wont stick to it. 

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