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Our Honey- Organic Farms and Fields

Nearly no company can actually produce Organic Honey. Why? Because they cannot control what honey bees forage on-

  • Have you ever had a bee try to drink from your soda? That's not Organic
  • Bees can fly up to 5 miles from the hive to collect nectar, and a beekeeper has no control where that bee goes.
  • Unless the apiary (that's where the beehives are) is in an area over 10 miles by 10 miles (100 square miles) that is all organic with no human activity or roads. Then your honey isn't organic.

Organic Honey fields

Organic Honey Fields-

We do place our bees in the best chance that you are getting organic nectar from organic fields, by placing our bees in nectar rich organic fields and farms. We never claim to be organic, but we try to make the product as close as we can. In fact if you are buying "Organic Honey" now, it's likely from areas in South America which cannot be verified as actually organic. Sad..... but it's true. 


Chemical Free Beekeeping-

We are not organic, but we are one of the very few beekeepers that never use chemicals in our beehives to manage pests. We use strategic hive splitting and brood breaks to manage pests, as well as raise our own honey bee queens that are resistant to pests. 

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