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What is Crystallized Honey?

Crystallized Honey

Honey that has become thick is simply crystallized honey. It is not "bad honey" as for all things practical , raw honey never goes bad. 

Honey is made up of 3 major components with a ratio of approximately, 40% fructose, 30% glucose and 20% water. It is important to understand that in order to be honey the water must be at 18% or less , and anything above 22% water is a potential for fermentation and a representation of beekeepers cutting corners. 

Crystallized Raw Honey

It's the glucose that crystallizes, so some types of honey are more resistant to crystallization because they have lower glucose. 

While fructose tends to remain dissolved, glucose has a much lower solubility. The higher proportion of glucose honey contains, the more quickly it will crystalize. More rapidly crystallized honey contains finer, smoother crystals. In fact, creamed honey is honey that has been crystallized so rapidly, that the minuscule crystals create a smooth, creamy texture.


How to DeCrystallize Raw Honey

What to do with crystallized honey

The best way to decrystallize honey is gently warm it back up. This is done by heating water up to near 140ºF and not higher. Heating the honey too rapidly or warmer than recommended can eliminate some of the benefits of honey

It's best to heat the water then put the honey within the warm bath. This way you can ensure the honey isn't exposed to the enzyme eliminating temperatures. You can use a microwave to heat only the water up to the desired temp. Never heat the honey up directly in the microwave. This will likely damage the benefits of the raw honey. 


Raw Honey Crystallizing 

If your honey is crystallizing, it's normally a sign that your honey is of higher quality. It is not the way to tell but is one of the signs in determining if you have raw honey. Highly processed honey, that is often the cheap stuff found in the stores is often filtered and heated, so that they can prevent the crystallization. 

Americans in general are a little more sensitive to food appearances, even though that seldom has anything to do with quality. And many of the honey packers are more concerned with the consistency and appearance than the quality of the product. 


MN & WI Raw Honey

If you are interested in trying some of our raw honey which comes from plants along the St. Croix river valley located between MN and WI and which happens to be one of the cleanest rivers in the world

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