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Honey Bee Seasonal Honey

Almost all honey on the grocery shelf today, is blended with honey from throughout the country and sometimes other countries. Even the most local honey packer will blend honey from other beekeepers to make the honey have a consistent flavor.

Local seasonal honey- Minnesota and Wisconsin

We say BOO, as blending honey takes out all the delicacies of different seasonal honey flavors as well as the delicate flavors from the different nectars of acacia honey, dandelion honey, clover honey, basswood honey, among so many others in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas. 


Details in Processing our Honey

Even though our bottles say wildflower, the majority of the honey you receive in your jar or bucket, is primarily from one source. How do we do that?

We take extra special caution when removing the honey supers to ensure we are pulling from each apiary the frames that where filled at the same time. We then painstakingly mark each 5 gallon bucket of honey and store the same honeys in 55 gallon barrels until bottling. We bottle our honey typically within weeks or days of it coming out of the hive. 

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