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About Us- Purple Bee Honey™

We are Beekeepers

Kinni Bees beekeeper

As beekeepers that produce Purple Bee Honey™, all of our honey comes from our hives at Kinnickinnic Bees out of River Falls, WI. Our hives are placed all along the MN and WI border along the amazing St. Croix River on family farms and local landowners that are interested in pollination. In fact, when our bees hit the tops of the trees they can see the skyscrapers of the Twin Cities in Minneapolis and St. Paul on a clear day. 

If you are interested in seeing if your farm or property meets the strict needs of our bee hives, contact a beekeeper for an assessment.  

Family run

We are a family run business that started from a backyard hobby that has turned into a regional business, focused on providing the purest raw honey product in the most sustainable manner we know right here in the Upper Midwest. 

100% Sustainable 

Our focus is on making our raw honey business in tune with the environment, and not just for the bees , but the impact the business has on the environment.  With the focus on providing a sustainable product and business, we consider the social, economical, environmental, products purpose and its impact locally, regionally, and globally.

Profits to Renewable Energy

A portion of our profits will go towards solar energy locally. Not only is local solar farms providing a great solution to our energy needs, it's also contributing to honey bee and other pollinators habitat. Habitat loss is one of the leading factors in colony collapse disorder and solar farms are typically leasing land from mono-cultures which have been destroying pollinator habitats, and now these solar fields of 5-40 acres are bringing back pollinator habitat between solar panels for a duration of 25+ years. 

Our Honey Processing

Less is more, literally. Raw honey can only be called raw honey if it is similar to the state as it was in the hive. That means the honey needs to never get warmer than 104ºF and contains some of the good stuff the bees put in it, like propolis, pollen, enzymes, antioxidants and similar.

So all we do to process our honey is gather it from the hives, without using any chemicals, uncap the honey frames with a sharp knife, and then we spin the honey out with a honey spinner and bottle and label it. We then store all the honey at 90ºF or less in a dark place. Just like in the hive. We won't even ship any raw honey if we think the honey will be exposed to temperatures higher than 104ºF. 

Beekeepers use Chemicals

We also aim for chemical free pest treatments. Most raw honey from other beekeepers have traces of organic and/or synthetic chemicals that many beekeepers use as treatments against pests in the hive, like mites. These chemical treatments are most often applied with no honey in the hive, but those chemicals get all over the wax in the brood boxes and once the honey supers are placed on the hives, those chemicals get cross contaminated into the honey frames wax the honey sits in for up to 3-4 months. So we say NO to chemicals. 

We prefer to raise hygienic bees that spend time grooming these pests out of the hive, and when beekeeper intervention is needed, we use hyperthermia treatments to treat the hives. Hyperthermia treatment is the use of high heat durations and we only treat the hives with heat when there is no honey supers on the hives.

Looking for More Information?

If you are looking to get a hold of someone at Purple Bee Honey™ either, email us at or by filling out the below form, or call us at the number at the bottom of this page. Thanks and we hope you enjoy our raw honey!

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