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All of our Minnesota and Wisconsin hives are chemical free. Traditional honey contains trace amounts of the chemicals the beekeepers treat their bees with. We say NO TO CHEMICALS in our hives and source all of our raw honey from local farms and properties located along the St. Croix Valley in MN and WI. As beekeepers we work hard to keep our bees happy and on nectar sources you'll love to share with your family and friends. We think it's the best unfiltered honey you can buy in the Midwest. - Purple Bee Honey™

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No need to go to the store to find a local raw honey. Save the time and we will conveniently drop your MN & WI honey off right at your door step! Plus we guarantee our honey is as good or better than those honey's in the store, or we will buy it back! No questions. 

Raw Honey & Honey Benefits

Raw Honey Benefits

Honey Recipes

Looking for more ways to incorporate honey into your diet? We have many recipes that include raw honey that preserves the beneficial enzymes and antioxidants. We also offer other recipes for cooking and baking with your local raw honey. 

Raw Honey Recipes

100% Sustainable Honey

Sustainability is our mission and drives all of our decisions with the hives, bees, product and business. With a focus on providing a sustainable product we consider the social, economical, environmental, and product purpose in everything we do and its impact locally, regionally, and globally. A portion of our profits go towards local renewable energy projects in MN & WI.

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